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Our team of expert designers can quickly convert any image to vector format. Vector files are often required for printing, embroidery, laser cutting, engraving, and many other applications.

We manually recreate/redraw your image, no auto tracing software is used for conversions. Save yourself time and money by using our services. Your results are guaranteed or your money back.
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Vector Conversions Transform pixel-based raster/bitmap images into scalable vector format.
Embroidery Digitizing Convert artwork into stitch files for embroidery.
Photo Editing Enhance and modify photographs for print.
Image Masking Remove backgrounds with clipping paths.

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What is bad art?

We consider bad art to be any raster or bitmap based artwork that is not suitable for print and production.

Raster artwork

Raster artwork is any digital art composed of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels. As a result, when raster images are enlarged, the image quality diminishes significantly. Typical raster file types include .psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif, and .bmp.

Vector artwork

Vector artwork is digital art composed of mathematical lines and curves. As a result, vector images can be reduced or enlarged in size indefinitely, without any loss in image quality. Typical vector file types include .ai, .eps, .ps, .indd, .pdf, and .cdr.

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